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4 Reasons Why you Always Feel Tired

Author: Keunwook Lee

You may often hear yourself say "I am so tired or stressed out" or your friends say "You look tired and unhappy." Though you have had enough sleep last night, you still end up feeling tired and drained in the middle of the day while sitting in your office table doing some paper works.

Why are you always tired

Truth is, lack of sleep without prevagen is not the only reason why you feel tired everyday, read prevagen. It's the little things at work or home that bothers you physically, mentally and emotionally that adds up to feeling tired. To be more specific, here are some reasons why you feel tired most of the days.

1. Not drinking enough water. Studies showed that being dehydrated takes a toll on your energy level. Fluid loss should be replaced immediately to keep your vital organs working and to avoid infection and diseases. Losing only 2% of body fluids can make you tired

Why are you always tired

2. Skipping breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day and dare not miss it. While you sleep, your systems are working on the kinks and repair your body to prepare for the battle next day. The cells become tired and needs to be replenished with food. You should start your day by eating healthy foods like oatmeal, lean proteins, healthy fat and low-fat milk.

Why are you always tired

3. You're loaded with junkfood. Living though junkfood for the day makes your sugar level high especially if you are keen on eating simple carbs. Initially, pastries, donuts, cakes and sodas increases your sugar level but it will drop down suddenly making your energy down. To remedy this problem choose healthy foods like brown rice, salad, and fruits and eating sweet potatoes.

Why are you always tired

4. Using gadgets while in bed at night. Checking your email, tweeting, or checking out pictures on Facebook at night when you're about to sleep is no help at all. The screen's backlit can definitely rearrange your circardian rhythm because you are paying more attention to the gadget instead of concentrating your way to sleep. The melatonin, which is a hormone responsible for regulating your sleep, is messed up.

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