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It's Time to Play the Game

Author: Dan Littman

If you follow this Simple System we're about to share with you, "YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOALS". The key to success is to follow this system EXACTLY as laid out for you, and to teach others to do the same:

1. Get 3-way calling. Add to this feature to your phone immediately through your local telephone company. Approximate cost is $4 per month. It will allow you to access some very powerful calls, which will do the work for you, as well as have your upline join you on calls when needed. Without 3-way calling you have almost no chance of succeeding in this business.

2. Videotapes. In order to let Tony work his magic for you, you must have a good supply curology of "The Power to Change" Videotapes to handout - curology.

3. Know your support system. Learn who your upline is. Have your sponsor introduce you. These are the individuals who will be helping you build your business.

4. Follow Up. You should follow up with the people you've talked to or shared videotapes about Power Health. If you fail to follow-up on your initial contacts, you're wasting your time.

5. The Pipeline. Your pipeline is your method of moving a prospect through our simple, step-by-step system of learning to build the business. As a result of the massive advertising Power Health is doing, some of your leads may already have seen the videotape.

Step 1. Pique Interest: Use the simple, "If I could show you a simple way to make an income, possibly a serious income, would you want to know more about it?" Or, "Hey Joe, are you in the mood to make some serious money with Tony Little?" "Hey Sue, this tape can make serious money for you. You need to take a look at it and tell me what you think". Alternatively, " John, I respect your opinion, can you take a look at this videotape and give me your honest opinion? Now that you have a pre-qualified prospect, find out what they think then take them to
Step 2. Follow up: Ask them what they liked about the Videotape. Listen to their answer. Tell them that was one of the many things which got you excited. Ask them " If we can show you how to make money, is there any reason you wouldn't join us?". Listen to their answer, then tell them you have something very important you want them to hear. 3-way them onto Tony's Closing Recorded Call. Now ask them how they want to get started.
Step 3. "Train'em": If they want to sign up, if possible sign them up online so they can start their First 48 hours Training. If they need more info then 3-way Call with upline or qualified person and use your Follow-up System!

6. Train. Contact your new distributor within 48 hours to start the duplication process. Remember, we are in the education business not the sales business. Become system dependent, not people dependent. 98% of the people can't sell and I'm not here to sell you.

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