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Quit Smoking or Else….!!!

There is no denying that things are easier said than done. For instance, quitting smoking is more difficult than you think. The addiction to nicotine and the feeling of being separated from cigarette is agonizing for a smoker. That's why organizations like Smokers Anonymous, a variety of self-help book; smoking hypnotism other methods to help you abandon smoking are available.

Why is there a need to say goodbye to cigarettes?

Cigarette smoking poses a lot of threats in your life in the long run. Nicotine, the main ingredient in making cigars and cigarette contains carcinogen which is the main cause for cancer. Apart from that, it affects your gums, stains your teeth, contributes to the sagging of your skin, helps in premature aging, increases your risk of infection and many more.

How to quit smoking

Quitting is not easy but as long as you pace yourself correctly and make realistic goals, you will eventually free your self from the chains of smoking. Here are some of the effective steps you can practice.

1. Be conscious on your smoking habits

As long as the smell of cigar lingers in your nose, smoking is difficult to say goodbye to. You have to eliminate stimulants that can cause you to go back to smoking like ashtrays, cigarette buts etc.

2. Pick a date when to start the rehabilitation process

Picking a date is important because it marks the time and date that you are in a process to making yourself better. You can choose dates that are special to you like your birthday, New Year, Christmas, etc.

3. Take control of yourself for about 2 weeks

The first few days are the most difficult when you try to quit smoking. But always tell yourself that you can stop smoking no matter how tempted you are. The good news is, it gets better as days pass by.

4. Diversion

Getting a diversion is one of the best measures to desert smoking. Enroll yourself in the gym, do workouts, read books, clean your house or watch your favorite show so your mind is preoccupied from the thought of lighting that cigarette and make that puff.